Established in 1986, WMH Transmissions Limited is a leading manufacturer of rack & pinions and leadscrews & nuts

WMH Transmissions LTD/ Apex Transmission LTD are a Made in the Midlands Gold Member

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Services WMH Transmissions LTD/ Apex Transmission LTD Provide

Some of the specialist services we offer:

Rack & Pinion Design, Calculation & Manufacture

WMH offer in-house CAD design and manufacture of rack & pinion systems with full lifetime calculations available to support your machine design. We offer from quality 12 milled commercial racks up to quality 4 hard & ground racks for testing machines

Trapeziodal Leadscrews & Nuts Manufacture

WMH offer in-house manufacture of precision leadscrews with our whirling machinery capable of producing leadscrews from Ø16mm up to Ø100mm in size. We can produce a wide range of materials and form both left and right hand threads on the same bar.

Largest UK Stockist of Linear Motion Products

WMH hold the largest stock of linear guideways and ballscrews in the UK. Our specialist services include express linear guide cutting and finishing as well as in-house CAD design and machining of ballscrew assemblies. Life time calcualtions available

Precision Screw Jack & Rack Jack Systems

WMH are proud to be an official stockist of Inkoma screw jacks. We offer express lead times on screw jack systems to tailor for replacement work as well as assisting with the design of new lifting systems. WMH also manufacture high speed rack jacks

Over 30 Years Of Power Transmissions Experience

WMH also hold stock of a vast range of high quality general purpose mechanical power transmission products such as, bevel gears, bearing support units, precision lock nuts, backlash free couplings, splines & sleeves, worms & wheels, chain & sprockets

Precision Planetary, Hypoid & Bevel Gearboxes

WMH offer a range of high precision, low backlash, helical gearboxes for servo driven applications. We pride ourselves on high quality gearboxes with exceptionally short lead times to reduce new build time and reduce production loss due to breakdowns

Programmable Automatic Lubrication Systems

WMH offer a range of fully automated and programmable lubrication systems that can be fully integrated with existing machine PLC and software. We offer application rollers for general purpose, foam pinions for rack drives and foam sprockets for chain

Modular Belt & Ballscrew Actuators

WMH offer a range of belt driven and ballscrew driven linear actuators with self contained linear guidance. This reduces component count and design time and complexity versus traditional linear axis with separate guidance, drive system and framework.

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About us

Established in 1986, WMH Transmissions Limited is a market leader in high quality transmission products and have been supplying the OEM and re-seller markets for over 30 years.

WMH Initially supplied precision rack & pinions into the UK market from WMH Herion Antriebstechnik Gmbh who have specialised in the design and manufacture of rack & pinions for over 120 years and were the first company in Europe to grind racks.

The product range soon expanded into mechanical power transmissions components such as bevel gears & gearboxes, worms & wheels, splined shafts & sleeves, chains & sprockets and screw jack systems.

WMH then started to manufacture precision trapezoidal leadscrews & nuts and founded it's own machine shop, complete with whirling machinery, at its facility in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

In the mid 2000s, WMH began to stock HIWIN linear motion products and, in 2012, where appointed as the UK's main agent and to this day are the largest single stockist in the UK.

Our current HIWIN product range includes linear guideways, ballscrews, single axis KK units, bearing supports, crossed roller bearings, linear actuators, ball bushes and precison hardened & ground linear shafting.

Having outgrown the original premises, WMH moved, in 2013, to a 40,000sq.ft facility across town on junction 10 of the M42 to sustain the continued growth of the business.

The current premises has a dedicated training room, first floor cafeteria and show room in which we display our vast product range and host regular open days and exhibition events with out partners.

In 2014, WMH created an in-house design & calculation service to provide design support, selection and life time calculations on ballscrew, linear guideways and rack & pinion systems.

Our current specialist services include linear guide rail cutting, manufacture of precision leadscrews, design & manufacture of ballscrew assemblies, rack & pinion and screw jack lifting systems.

Here at WMH, we pride ourselves on an outstanding customer service, high quality products and competitive pricing with next day delivery on stock products - WMH, part of your drive!


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